Step by Step Installation Guide
Remove all parts from the shipping materials and take an inventory to make sure you have everything you will need. Included with every AMR: 4 frame sticks, 4 corner clips, Wall-Dogs (for drywall application), Tapcons (for concrete application), Drill bit, AMR Graphic Fabric, instruction sheet.

Tools you will need: Tape measure, Level, Flathead & Phillips screwdrivers, Hammer drill - concrete application, Regular drill - drywall application

Frame sticks are labeled: TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT

Click here to download a printable PDF of the Installation Guide
Slide corner bracket into the left and right side of the TOP frame stick. Tighten the screws against the metal back plate of the frame. Attach TOP frame stick to the wall using Tapcons or Wall-Dogs depending on wall your type. Drill the screw through the center hole.

Use your level to level the frame stick and attach screws through the outer holes in the frame. Use a minimum of 3 per stick.
Slide the RIGHT frame stick over the corner bracket and tighten the screw to the metal back plate.

Repeat these steps for the LEFT frame stick.
At this point in the installation, leave the vertical sticks hanging without securing them to the wall. Your frame should look like this. It is now ready for the BOTTOM frame stick.
Slide corner brackets of the BOTTOM frame stick into the slots on the LEFT and RIGHT.
STEP 8-10
Tighten the screws against the metal back plates of the frame.

Use your level to square-up the side and bottom sticks before securing the frame to the wall with the Wall-Dog (for drywall) or Tapcon (for concrete) screws.
Your assembled frame is now ready for the Graphic Fabric to be inserted
STEP 12-13
The rubber strip sewn into the fabric needs to be tucked under the edge of the graphic before it can be inserted, red-edge first, into the frame groove. Grab the sewn edge of the strip and fold it forward once.
When the Graphic Fabric is inserted correctly into the frame groove the red-edged, rubber stripping will be hidden and the fabric will have smooth corners and edges.
STEP 14-16
Begin by inserting the red-edged, rubber piece (along the edge of the fabric) into the groove at the four corners of the frame. Then, insert the middle of each of the sides of the fabric into the grooves and work your way out to the corners on each side. Be careful not to over-stretch the fabric when placing it into the grooves of the frame. Over-stretching the fabric will prevent the graphic from fitting correctly into the frame.
STEP 17-18
The PowerStretch fabric is designed to stretch to a taught, smooth fit. Your fabric will first appear to be too short to fit into the BOTTOM frame groove. With one hand, pull the fabric just beyond the edge of the frame. With your other hand, gently insert the fabric edge into the groove.
STEP 19-20
Continue these steps as you work your way across the BOTTOM frame groove. After you fit the last portion of the Graphic Fabric into the end of the groove, slide your thumb back along the edge of the frame to smooth away any bumps that may have resulted.
Your Artist Mural Replaceable is now complete. Enjoy!
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