Customer Touch Point Standards
Get to the Point - Customer Touch Point Branding

In today's dynamic retail environment your customers are critiquing your business at every stage of the transaction, starting the moment they walk in the door or pull into the service center. It has never been more important to stay connected with your customers for every interaction they have with your dealership and graphic branding is the easiest, most effective way to do that. High-impact Graphic Branding in those areas where your customers interact with your dealership (Customer Touch Points) reaffirms and strengthens the emotional connection to the brand and more importantly, to your business.

Discover what the retail industry has known for years - Customer Touch Point Branding

  1. Showroom (shown in blue)
    Well-positioned graphic elements that communicate brand emotion reaffirm to your customers why they are choosing to do business with you. Defining each distinct brand area is critical for multi-brand or brand-within-a-brand facilities; graphic branding is ideal to call attention to unique sections of your showroom, like performance or youth sub-brands, that today's OEMs are marketing.
  2. Service Drive and Write-Up (shown in green and red)
    Your customers spend more time in your drive and write-up areas than they do in your showroom. Sometimes all it takes is a high-impact graphic of the latest product to draw them into the showroom and consider a new vehicle. At the very least, branding will create a more comfortable environment for your customers, make the process more enjoyable and decrease perceived wait times.
  3. Customer Lounge (shown in yellow)
    In this captive environment your customers have a lot of time to critique you and your business. Take a moment to look around your customer lounge. Do you see it - the perfect place for an image of that latest hot model? There is no better place in your facility to reinforce to your customers that they have chosen the right brand and dealership, for now and the future.
  4. F&I (shown in orange)
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a beautiful image of the latest accessory on the hottest vehicle may cause you to say that picture is worth $1000 on that last deal.
  5. Service Center (shown in purple)
    Not only is it important to have a service center that is presentable to your customers but it also must be a good environment for your technicians. Graphics can help immensely and let your customers and employees know that this area is every bit as important as other customer areas, not just an afterthought.
  6. Kids' Play Area (shown in turquoise)
    If it helps keep the kids occupied, it is worth it! Kid-friendly graphics are guaranteed to make for a less-stressful time for customers waiting with their children and the other customers sharing the customer lounge with them.
  7. Vehicle Delivery (shown in dark green)
    Excite your clients' imaginations by setting the atmosphere of your vehicle deliver area with dynamic images of cars, scenery, and satisfied car buyers. Crafting an environment for your customers that is inviting, open, and friendly will create a positive buying experience for them, set your dealership apart from the other dealers in your area, and give you a competitive advantage.
  8. Speed Shop (shown in orange)
    If you have a merchandising center in your dealership, this space is the perfect location for additional graphics to showcase a new launch or key vehicle merchandising. Excitement generated in this type of dealership retail center will go straight to the bottom line.
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